June 30, 2018

12 – Country Brook Petz­ 5/8 Inch Green Paisley Spring Loaded Grooming Loop

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Make grooming and pet care easier by using an adjustable grooming loop. Grooming loops were designed to keep your pet feeling safe and secure during her grooming sessions. Each grooming loop has been built with top quality hardware to ensure a strong and durable product. Groomers will love how easy it is to handle the grooming loop! This grooming loop will help give your pet the care she deserves while also keeping her safe and secure.

Grooming loops are attached to an adjustable grooming arm, giving flexibility when grooming your pet. The loop will go around your pet’s neck, giving the groomer more control over her while she is being groomed. Being able to handle your pet during grooming will keep her safe, secure, and happy.

This grooming loop has been made with polyester webbing. Polyester webbing is used to provide safety and resilience over other webbing materials. It also combines many of the benefits of both polypropylene and nylon without some of the negatives. Spring loaded clips lock the webbing into place. Simply squeeze the clip to adjust the loop. This clip has a flat, sleek design that will keep the webbing from interfering during your grooming session.

12 Pack
Crafted in the U.S.A. with top quality hardware using Polyester matrial
Designed for use with grooming tables
Adjustable spring loaded clip
16.5 inches long including snap hook

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