July 3, 2018

[2018New Formula]Flea and Tick Adjustable Collar for Dogs, Last for 8 months of the Flea and Tick Prevention, Anaphylaxis Skin Friendly Formula makes more Assured, Good Killer of Flea and Tick.

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Flea & tick collar

Fits all size dogs from large ones to small.

The flea collar comes into force after it is put on your dog.

After putting a flea collar on your pet, Insecticidal substances begin to be released gradually and protect your pet across-the-board.

We highly recommend you to keep your dog wearing the flea collar all the daily time to ensure the function of the collar.

How to use:

It can be wore 24 hours while swimming or playing in the rain.

Place it around the neck of your dog.

Make sure 2 or 3 inch for extra adjustment.

Cut the excess length of the collar.


If your dog is already suffering from fleas and ticks, it is much better to use the collar after an appropriate treatment.


Replace the collar every 8 months, replace the collar more frequently if your dog is in severe infection.

The collar remains effective for 2 years ina bran-new packing bag.

Place the product in a dry and ventilated place .

Keep it out of reach of children.

[ONE SIZE FITS ALL]No matter your dog belongs to small, medium or large size, flea and tick collar adjustable may fit them properly. Flea and tick collar is designed to 25inch more compatible for all size dogs. Just cut the excess length if the collar is too long for your lovely.
[EFFECTIVE PROTECTION]Even veterinarian recommend pets parents to use flea and tick collar to keep your dogs from fleas, ticks, lice, larvae, mosquito. Purchasing flea and tick collar is a truly economic way to avoid the hassle of monthly treatments.
[NATURAL AND SAFE] With the composition of natural oils including Eucalyptus and Citronella oil, flea and tick collar do no harm to health of your dog. Non-chemical composition cause no harm, no irritation to your dog and cause low concentration to your dog. No bad odor to the surrounding environment.
[WATERPROOF]Waterproof design is of advantage for dog to carry out their outdoor activities without any hassle. No need to take off the collar even swimming, bathing, or playing in the rain.
[REASSURING]After using this flea and tick collar, Insecticidal substances begin to be released gradually and protect your pet across-the-board. Pet parents have no more misgivings of your beloved pet suffering from fleas.

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