June 26, 2018

Baby Animal Shelter

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– Dress up in different fashions! Can you make Kim look even cuter than she is? Or Cathy more classy? And Helen, she’s gonna be very elegant with some clothes. And I’m sure you would love to dress Alex as a punk!
– You will learn to take care of these animals as if they would be your pets. This game will show you some illnesses that pets can have, like ticks; and some habits that we have to do to maintain our pets healthy, like washing them regularly or cutting their nails. It will also show you that a pet needs your attention, so it needs you to play with them and feed them. And if you really like to heal animals, maybe it will be your first chance to feel like a veterinarian!
– Also, for girls who love fashion, it’s a perfect game to develop your creativity. In the dress up mini games, you will find a different style for each animal, and you will have to try out which combinations are the most stylish!

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