July 19, 2018


ABOUT THE VIDEO- Tuffy and Lily is very aggressive and fearless by nature. They love me like crazy and are always their to protect me come what may, even at the cost of their life. That dogs love for you.

In this video you will see a Mad street dog was following us from quite sometime and then it tried to attach me and threatened me. That what provoked TUFFY AND LILY.

Straightway TUFFY grabed the dog by this neck and shown him that he is the boss who is currently present to save me from his attacks.

I tried STOPPING Tuffy and Lily many a times due to which no damaged was done to that street dog.

However it would have been worse if I would have let them fight with that dog. Tuffy is very aggressive and might have even killed that dog to save me.


​YouTube Channel Name- Tuffy and Lily_ My dogs My life

Channel Description- We have a wonderful collection of funny dogs videos, dog tricks, dog photos and dog pictures. Also huge collection of pictures of dogs (Tuffy and Lily). Prepare to sit down and have a great laugh with Tuffy and Lily, the pet dogs and their owner Subhapam Ghosh. Tuffy and Lily are adopted canine. Watch them enjoying life in all our videos and see them growing stronger day by day, which they (all dog breeds and type of dogs) truly deserve being man best friend for decades. All of our videos are very happy “feel good” clips. I will be uploading at least one video everyday for all to enjoy. Soon their puppies will be available for adoption. Contact on +91-8669432450 and +91-8308243475 or email- Subhapam.ghosh@gmail.com to get dogs for adoption.

AIM and Goal – Money earn from this channel will be used for recue dogs, rescue puppies feeding and rescuing dogs and puppies and to give them a better tomorrow. Please subscribe, Like and share to make our dream come true.

Details of my dogs-

dog breeds- mix breed dogs-Possess characteristic such as intelligence of a Labrador and fearless and determine attitude of Pitbull.
dog names- Tuffy and Lily
Dog Type-Tuffy and Lily are guide dogs, protection dog, hunting dogs and guard dogs. The are brilliant watch dog and therapy dog too.

What you can expect from our Channel- Tuffy and lily, dog accessories contains their dog crate, dog collars, dog beds, dog kennels, dog sweaters, dog ramp, dog training collars, dog harness, dog coats, dog cage, dog bowls, dog carrier, dog clothes, dog tags, dog toys, dog bone, dog leash and dog harness. They do have dog pound. In my videos, I will also educate dog lover how trained dogs to use dog accessories and on the below mentioned topics. I will also give them helpful dog training tips and dog behavior knowledge.

1) how to train a dog
2) clicker training dogs
3) how to potty train a dog
4) dog obedience training
5) crate training
6) dog food and dog treats
7) dog supplements
8) dog games and dog exercise
10) potty training dogs
11) therapy dog training
12) service dog training
13) potty training dogs
14) dog training classes
15) crate training a puppy,
16) dog barking, stop dog barking
17) breeding and complete vaccination information and schedule.
18) Dog Grooming

Diet of my dogs – They are mainly on raw food diet however I give them nutro dog food and Royal canin too. They prepare natural non veg diet over dog food though. Also they are too choosy when it comes to eating.

Supplements for dogs- Dog supplement that I use are Bully Max, Gorilla Max, Performance chews, Miracle vet, bone meal, drools absolute skin and coat pills along with Liver tonic. Deworming of my dogs is done after every three months.

I will be sharing their diet, deworming vaccination videos for dog lovers.

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Address – Flat No- C6-208, Xrbia Township Hinjewadi, Pune, India- 411057.

YouTube Channel ID: UCiBwCqcTcbfYLP-31PuqCrg

YouTube Channel Link- https://www.youtube.com/user/subhapam2011

Facebook Page Link- https://www.facebook.com/Tuffy.Lily/



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