July 1, 2018

Dog Paw Cleaner with Microfiber Towel – Paw Cleaner for Dogs – Paw Washer for Dogs with Microfiber Towel – Dog Washer (Large)

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Paw Perfect Dog Paw Cleaner with microfiber towel is a quick and easy way to clean up your pets’ paws before they bring the dirt and grime into your car or home. Just add a little water to the paw washer, insert your furry friend’s paws, twist back and forth, then dry with the microfiber towel that is included and enjoy your pet’s fresh clean paws. It is the perfect size to keep in your car, by your front door, in a backpack, or take with you anywhere you may need it. Stop worrying about cleaning the couch or vacuuming your car every time your pet comes in from the outdoors. It truly is the perfect tool to keep you pet’s paws clean and the dirt and grime outside where it belongs. Excellent paw cleaner for dogs.✔️ NO MORE DIRTY PAWS – Do you like letting your dog play outside but hate when they bring the dirt in your house? The Paw Perfect Paw Washer solves the problem! Perfect for medium and large dogs!
✔️ EXTREMELY GENTLE ON YOUR PET’S PAWS – The extra soft silicone bristles won’t hurt nor irritate your pup’s paws.
✔️ CONVENIENT AND PRACTICAL – Small and lightweight so you can take anywhere, plus the handle strap makes it easy to hold while using. Very durable and high quality product. Measures 6″(h) x 4″ (w).
✔️ NO MESS – MICROFIBER TOWEL INCLUDED – Once you wash your dog’s paws, dry them with our super absorbent towel.
✔️ EASY TO USE AND CLEAN – Just add water and let the Paw Washer massage your pup’s paws by moving it up and down. Once done just pour out dirty water and rinse.

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