June 25, 2018

IRIS Mesh Security Roof, designed for use with the IRIS 24” 4-Panel Pet Playpen

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Worried about your pup escaping their playpen? This mesh dog pen cover is designed to fit with IRIS 24 Inch Pet Playpen and keeps your pet secure. Protect your puppy from jumping out of the IRIS playpen, while keeping them safe from other animals in your household. This durable dog playpen cover is made with washable, lightweight nylon mesh material. Easily attach the mesh security roof to the IRIS dog playpen with specially designed hook and loop tabs. This dog playpen cover will give you peace of mind while your puppy plays!Specifically designed to fit on the 4-panel IRIS dog pen
Secures pet inside IRIS pet pen and keeps them safe from other animals
Easily attach and detach the playpen cover with hook and loop tabs
Durable dog pen cover is made of washable, lightweight nylon mesh material
Dimensions: 46.0″L x 46.0″W x 0.1″H

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