June 23, 2018

LEOFFY Cat Flea Collar – One Size Fits All – Flea Prevention Up To 8 Months – Natural Ingredient Flea and Tick Collar

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Give your beloved cat the tick, flea prevention for 8 months with Leoffy cat flea collars.

Why choose Leoffy flea control collar?

Leoffy is easy to use and durable. Put the collar around cat’s neck, adjust to fit and buckle. Remember to leave a room about 2 fingers in order to allow the flea collar to move. It’s suitable for small, medium and large cats because of its adjustable size up to 13 inches. Besides, the 100% natural ingredients ensure the safety of the pet’s health. No skin allergy, no hair remover will happen to your cat.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Cat collar is designed up to 13 inches long to fit most cats. For kittens, just simply cut off the excessive part to fit them.
EASY TO USE: Leoffy cat flea and tick control collar is especially user friendly. Place the flea collar on the flea cats’ neck and modify its length to fit your pet’s size.
DURABLE AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE: Our flea treatment for cats are likely to repel pests, fleas, ticks away from your beloved pet effectively up to 8 months. Say no with fleas and scratching.
SAFE: Leoffy cat flea treatment contains no toxic chemicals. The ingredients are completely natural, including Citronella oil, cinnamon oil, eucalyptus oil, polyethylene and so on. Therefore, our cat flea collar protects your pet from skin allergy and hair remover.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: we offer a money back lifetime guarantee with every purchase. If our flea and tick prevention for cats does not meet your expectation, feel free to return it during first 60 days. Please contact us if any issues occur also.

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