June 25, 2018

Master Grooming Tools Xylan Combs — Coated Combs for Grooming Dogs – Medium/Coarse, 7½”

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Exclusive all-metal Master Grooming Tools Xylan Pet Grooming Combs are coated with Xylan to decrease friction, reduce static, help prevent fly-away hair, and increase chemical and wear resistance.

Handle styles have contoured wooden grips for improved comfort and control

Teeth are drilled into the spines for added strength and durability

Material: Xylan coating; Contoured wooden grips Size: ⅞” teeth in the following sizes:

Medium w/Wood Handle – 7¾”
Medium/Coarse – 7½”
Medium/Coarse – 6″
Face/Finishing – 4½”
Fine/Coarse – 7½”

Use as a finishing comb after grooming to locate any remaining tangles. Use end of comb with wider-spaced teeth for general grooming and for fluffing larger areas. Use finer end of comb for finer coats and around eye, ears, nose and feet.

With a special coating and teeth that are drilled right into the spine, these combs are the versatile and durable choice for professional groomers
Xylan coating decreases friction, reduces static, helps prevent fly-away hair, and boosts chemical and wear resistance
Use after grooming to locate and comb out any remaining tangles
End with wider-spaced teeth is ideal for general grooming and fluffing; finer end is perfect for finer coats and around eyes, ears, noses, and feet
Also available in Medium w/Wood Handle (7¾”), Medium/Coarse (6″), Face/Finishing (4½”), and Fine/Coarse (7½”)

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