June 23, 2018

Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl (Waffles The Cat Limited Edition, Regular)

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Necoichi Happy Dining Limited Edition – Necoichi x Waffles the Cat🐾😻🐟🥤 . These raised food and water bowls were designed by @waffles_the_cat in collaboration with #necoichihappydining and feature an adorable Waffles & Friends design inside the bowl🐾 . The Raised Food Bowl also has paw print and food can design on the bowl’s exterior, while the Raised Water Bowl flaunts a paw print and drink motif🐟◎Perfect height for maximum comfort when eating. While humans can eat upside down; the feline anatomy is such that – when a cat eats from a dish, its mouth becomes lower than its stomach and the risk of backflow is increased.
◎Food stays centered so there is less stress from having to chase food around the bowl. Have you noticed that from time to time as your cat is finishing its meal, the food begins to scatter toward the edges of its bowl? Cats have a hard time trying to get to the last bits of food that remain along the rim of the bowl. That is why the bowls from the Happy Dining series are designed with the perfect curvature for making food fall back to the center of the bowl.
◎Dishwasher and Microwave Safe/Made to FDA/EC&ECC European standard, Lead and Cadmium free. Multiple-cat owners can appreciate the convenience of simply tossing all of the food and water bowls into the dishwasher and flipping on the switch.
◎An inner lip means no spills. One of the main difficulties we faced in designing this bowl was spillage. However, by adding a subtle inner lip to our bowls, we were able to eliminate the problem and create a spill-free bowl.
◎Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.3 x 2.9 inches/Made of durable and non-absorbent porcelain.

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