June 30, 2018

Pet A Cure Premium Pet Hair Brush, Quality Deshedding Glove for Gentle Pet Grooming and Massaging, Easily Removes Pet Hair From Dogs, Cats, and Horses. Also Furniture, Car Seats, and Carpet. (Medium)

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Grooming doesn’t have to be a chore.

Our Pet A Cure Grooming Gloves provide an effective way to significantly reduce excess shedding and cut grooming time in half.

No longer will your pet disappear when you bring out the dreaded grooming brush!

Your furry friend will feel like it is getting massaged rather than groomed, and he/she will love you for it!

Not to mention, frequent brushing helps maintain a glossy and healthy looking coat.

Product Specifications
•Come as a pair, left & right hand
•Enhanced soft rubber tips
•Adjustable wrist strap
•Hanging loop on each glove for easy storage
•Nylon and rubber
•Safe for cats, dogs, horses, and other furry pets
•Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

Advantages and Highlights
•Two in one pet grooming glove desheds and massages your pet.
•Gentle on sensitive areas such as face, tail, and legs those regular brushes might irritate.
•Comfortably detangles small knots in fur.
•Can be used daily.
•Can help manage pet allergies due to excessive hair.

•Available in THREE different sizes
•Comes with adjustable velcro wrist straps to comfortably secure gloves onto hands
•Made of lightweight, breathable material

•Works with any hair length on different kinds of animals from cats and dogs, to rabbits, horses, and more.
•Works with both wet and dry fur.
•Great for removing pet hair from car seats, couches, chairs, carpet, and much more!
Even works for horses

•Fur easily peels right off.
•Clap or rub hands together to remove any remaining hairs.
•Rinse in sink with soapy water.

Makes the purrfect gift for anyone with furry animals!

Care Instructions: hand-wash, lay flat to dryPremium Multi-function Deshedding Glove Brush with Enhanced Soft Rubber Tips
Adjustable Wrist Strap with New Hanging Loop for Storage.
Lightweight, Breathable Seamless Knit Nylon and Rubber, Machine washable, easy to clean.
Gentle Hair Remover can be used daily.
Safe for Dogs, Cats, horses, and Other Pets.

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