June 27, 2018

Pet Hair Remover Lint & Fur Removal Tool for Furniture, Couch, Carpet, Bed, Car Seat, Clothing

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COSTOM pet hair cleaning brush you have now is a tool that cleans up the hair of your pet.

For the carpet, mat, sofa, car seat and other fabric series, it can remove hair clean, the tangled hair which vacuum cleaner and adhesive tape cannot clear up or seep into the fabric can be sweep away quickly and thoroughly.


1. The hair is likely to stick on the brush due to the static electricity in winter. To solve this problem, you just need to wet the product with a little spray, and the hair can be removed easily thereafter.

2. The surface of the product will get dry and rough if it’s left idle for a long period of time. And you can grind the dry surface off to restore its original state by the time.

3. the effect of wiping hard is the same as that of a gentle wipe, so we recommend that you should gently wipe.


Material: foam

Size (approx.): 97mmx97mmx20mm/ 3.82×3.82×0.79inch
Unique Material: Advanced foam rubber, small and lightweight, portable and easy to carry. Size (approx.): 97mmx97mmx20mm/ 3.82×3.82×0.79in.
Magnetic Quality: Ideal for cleaning dog or puppy hair our foam has a magnetic quality that builds up static charge on the foam which lets you easily remove hair and lint.
Gently Hair Remover: Will not break with heavy use top-notch durable and soft material will not damage your clothing, couch or rugs like other pet hair lifters.
Easy To Use: Gently wiping the surface,the hair that is attached to the surface and the hair.The hair won’t be stick to the pet hair brush itself, so it doesn’t require a cleaning machine.
Perfect Gift: Funny gifts for family, friends, pet lovers, home travel essential.It doesn’t consume power, so it’s economic and environmentally friendly.

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