June 21, 2018

Petfamily Stainless Steel Cat Bowl, Heavy Duty Cats and Dogs Bowls with Non-Skid Rubber Base, Pet Food Bowls, 8 Ounce, Set of 2 (Green / Lavender)

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With the adorable Petfamily stainless steel bowls, you will never worry that the bowls slide all over the place when your dog is eating.
Full dinner set – A set of 2 bowls works as a full dinner set with food and water for one.
Made from high quality stainless steel for rust resistant ability, which is also very durable
Vibrant colors may get your pet’s attention


* Top diameter – 4.7 inches
* Bottom diameter – 5.9 inches
* Height – 1.4 inches
* Multiple Colors
* Capacity-Holds up to 8-ounce or 1 cup
* Suitable for wet food, dry food and water
* Corrosion resistant
* Dishwasher safe

How to clean

option 1: Easy to clean by just rinse it in clean water and let it air dry
option 2: Remove the rubber at the bottom and then put it in dishwasher
2 bowls for the price of one. Vibrant color stimulates your pets’ appetite and makes them enjoy the dinner more.
Made of high quality stainless steel, polished, anti-corrosion and rust resistant. Durable and sanitary. Suitable for wet/dry food and water.
Anti-skid rubber around the bottom prevents slips and spill, and protects floor from scratches.
Each bowl holds up to 8-ounce. Do not take up much space, and hold an optimal amount of food that prevents small dogs and cats from over eating.
Easy to clean, just rinse it in clean water and let it air dry. Dishwasher safe.

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