June 27, 2018

Premium Care Flea And Tick Collar For Cats | Prevents And Removes Fleas, Ticks, Lice And Mosquitos In 24 Hours | 8 Months Protection | 100% Natural Essential Oil Flea And Tick Prevention For Cats

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Premium Care flea & tick collars for cats are an effective and reliable treatment to ensure that your cat is flea & tick free. Our dual-action collar repels and kills fleas & ticks for 8 continuous months. We attack fleas & ticks at their source, getting rid of infestations and preventing them in the future.


We use innovative technology to release pest-ridding natural ingredients in controlled doses over a prolonged period of time. This ensures long-term flea & tick control without the need of monthly applications. Our effective collars protect your pet from fleas, flea larvae, ticks, mosquitos as well as notedric mange on cats without any odor or mess. All of this is done in a very safe and eco-friendly way.


◉ Repels and kills fleas, ticks, flea larvae, mosquitos and notedric mange for 8 months

◉ Kills fleas on contact before they can lay eggs

◉ Prevents and rids of tick infestations within 24 hours after application

◉ Water-resistant and continues to be effective after bathing or playing in water

◉ Easy to apply, odorless and safe

◉ Adjustable to fit cats of all sizes


✅ KILLS 95% OF FLEAS AND TICKS IN 24 HOURS – Premium Care collars include the most effective natural formula used by leading brands in the pet care industry, so you can rest assured that you are giving your cat the absolute best treatment.
✅ REPELS AND KILLS FLEAS, TICKS, LICE, AND MOSQUITOS – Our safe and natural flea collar is designed to repel and kill all pests that could cause any harm to your cat. Ultimately, keeping your cat happy, healthy and pest-free.
✅ 8 MONTHS OF CONTINUOUS PROTECTION – The collar works around the clock to kill and repel fleas, ticks, and other pests ensuring 24/7 protection for a continuous 8 months.
✅ FITS ALL BREEDS AND SIZES – Our collar is built to be used for any sized cat. Simply adjust the collar to fit the length you need and cut off any remaining length.
✅ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – We are so confident that you will love our collar that if you are unhappy with it for any reason, we will buy it back from you, no questions asked!

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