July 3, 2018

Premium Pet Grooming Glove New 2018 Design from Transcendent Pet Products | Gentle Touch, Comfy & Padded Fit, Effective loose or matted hair remover | For dogs, cats, horses and other domestic animals

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Many pets dislike and avoid regular brushing and grooming, making each episode a negative and even traumatic experience for them. However, as most pets thrive on regular play and signs of affection such as petting, stroking, and speaking in a soft voice, the 2018 updated version of our grooming glove is the perfect solution.

With a comfortable and breathable material on the top of the glove, and a dual-texture surface on the bottom, both you and your pet are going to love using your new gloves. The palm nubs provide a massaging sensation for your pet, and the finger areas gently groom, remove tangles, help with de-shedding, and produce a wonderfully sleek coat.


This grooming glove is excellent for daily fur care and pet play, but can be used equally well for focussed grooming and washing. With a strong velcro band at the wrist, and a form-fitting design, this glove goes far beyond the cheap grooming mitt. Use with water and soap, getting into the fur and down to the skin, with the same massaging and soothing sensations as experienced when dry.


Rubbing the two gloves together will remove most loose fur still in the nubs, and an old comb makes the process even easier. When used wet, a good spraying will return them to pristine condition. Air drying goes quickly, thanks to the flexible and breathable material.


Although your new glove may be used primarily with dogs, cats, and horses, it is also effective for many other animals as well. From goats to guinea pigs, any pet with fur that enjoys moments of bonding and affection can benefit from the gentle and nurturing care your new gloves can provide.form-fitting and breathable. No awkward over-sized mitt here, but something that ensures both you and your pet are using this product with comfort.
Great for all haired pets – The grooming glove massages and pampers your cat, dog, horse, or other pet, gently removing matted fur, untangling knots, and providing a great sensation while also helping with shedding and smoothing.
Avoids tugging and pulling of hair – This grooming glove is absolutely perfect for pets who resist conventional brushing and combing, but love playing, petting, and other signs of care and affection. Increases the bond with your pet while grooming.
Works great wet or dry – The grooming glove is great for both daily fur maintenance, as well as more focused pet care, such as washing and bathing. This glove works wonderfully when wet, is easy to clean and dry, and won’t slip off when soapy and wet
Includes free pet toothbrush – As an added bonus, we’ve included a free pet finger toothbrush to assist with small pet oral care. Use with just water or a pet tooth cleaning paste and promote strong and healthy teeth.

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