June 22, 2018

Premium Platium Charcoal Water Filter Replacement for Drinkwell Pet Fountain – 12 Filters

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A set of 12 premium charcoal water filters designed compatible with Drinkwell pet fountain. Filter quality has been certified to meet the official standard.ACTIVATED CHARCOAL PREMIUIM 12 PACK : 12 Packs premium charcoal water filter replace drinkwell water filters from PureGreen made from coconut shells
Fit models: • Compatible with Drinkwell Original, Drinkwell Platinium, Drinkwell Big Dog, Drinkwell Multi-Tier, Drinkwell Outdoor Dog, Drinkwell Mini, Drinkwell Zen
KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHY : Suggested to replace filters every 2-4 weeks to keep the water clean in your pet’s Drinkwell fountain tasting fresh
Individual polybagged and sealed to maintain the high quality
Food grade activated charcoal. Quality meet or exceed leading national brands.

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