July 5, 2018

Pro-Treat Stewart Freeze Dried Liver Treats for Dogs, 12 oz

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Stewart Pro-Treat chicken liver for dogs is an all natural dog treat made with 100% freeze dried liver. With just one single ingredient, Pro-Treat is a gluten-free dog treat with all of the nutritional value of chicken liver. Considered a high value reward, Stewart freeze dried liver has been one of the best dog training treats on the market for over 40 years. Pro-Treat liver treats are also perfect as a food topper for picky eaters, or anytime you just want to share your love. When it comes to treats, we know that peace of mind is important. Rest assured that our quality standards ensure that you’re feeding safe dog treats, as well as the best natural dog treats made in America.Tamper evident resealable tub
Single ingredient 100% pure beef liver sourced and produced in USA
Grain free, gluten free, hormone free with no preservatives or artificial colors or additives
Nutrient rich liver is an excellent source of low carb lean protein
A healthy treat for dogs with food sensitivities or those on a limited ingredient diet
The enticing aroma and real liver flavor make pro-treat liver treats a high value reward dog treat

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