May 29, 2018

Sofisti-Cat Cat Scratching Deterrent Tape, Scratch Control Aid | Double Sided Cat Training Sticky Tape | Biggest on the Market, 5 XL sheets 12″x17″

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Remember the last time you were frustrated because your cat was destroying your furniture?

We’re sure you love your furry friend just as we love Peaches. When we took him home we were not expecting however the disaster caused to our furniture. Declawing was of course not an option.

We consulted with experts and learned that cats do not like sticky surfaces. Hence, double sided sticky adhesive sheets are great behavior corrector and control method for our feline friends.

So… Simply apply these specially designed adhesive sheets to any fabric surface (sofa, curtains etc.), and see how your cat stops scratching that area. Offer your cat a nearby appropriate place to scratch on (there are great scratching posts on Amazon to choose from :). Praise and reward your cat for scratching in the appropriate area. After a while, when your cat learns NOT to scratch in the area you don’t want it to, you can simply remove the adhesive sheets…

LOVE YOUR CAT, SAVE YOUR SOFA! – You bought your sofa with your hard earned money, teach your cat not to scratch it: Cats don’t like sticky paws, that’s why they avoid touching anything sticky. These special-made double sided adhesive sheets will teach your cat not to scratch your favorite furniture.
SPECIALLY DESIGNED TAPE – This one-of-a-kind tape was designed to protect your sofa while not being harmful neither for your cat nor for your furniture. It adheres easily to fabrics but will not ruin them. It is thick enough not to crumble, yet thin enough to be completely transparent.
GENEROUS SIZE – Your cat is smart… If you cover one area / strip, it will simply start scratching the area next to it. That is why we offer truly large sheets (five 12X17 inches sheets), that can be easily cut to suite your needs. In fact, our product’s total square feet is more than TWICE the size of similar products on the market.
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – We are so sure you will love Sofisti-Cat that we offer 100% money-back guarantee. Simply send us back the product and we will fully refund you, no questions asked.

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