June 21, 2018

Solid Gold Let’s Stay In Indoor Cat Salmon, Lentil & Apple Recipe for Adult Cats, 6 lb

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Look no more, you have found a food specially designed to meet the needs of your indoor cat! Lean, cold water salmon combined with fiber packed lentils and our unique blend of 20 superfoods help to keep your cat feeling healthy and satisfied. This grain-free. gluten free, chicken-free and potato-free recipe also boasts moderate calories to help maintain ideal weight, protected probiotics to support healthy digestion and balanced levels of omegas for a soft and shiny coat. Plus, this recipe is high in non-fermentable fiber from ingredients like lentils and peas to help naturally reduce hairball formation. Provide your indoor cat, including those with sensitivities to chicken protein, with the balanced nutrition they need for a lifetime of indoor fun. Looking to provide your cat a variety of proteins? Let’s Stay In Salmon recipe is easily rotated with our Let’s Stay In Chicken recipe without worry of digestive upset. Made in the USA.NATURAL, GRAIN FREE, POTATO FREE & CHICKEN PROTEIN FREE: Holistic, natural, grain free, gluten free dry cat food recipe specially crafted adult cats with indoor lifestyles. This recipe is also chicken protein free and potato free for cats with protein or potato sensitivities.
HIGH IN HEALTHY FIBER TO REDUCE HAIRBALLS: This recipe features 8% fiber, one of the highest available on the market. The non fermentable fiber from lentils and peas helps naturally reduce hairball formation and promotes healthy digestion.
REAL SALMON. CRAFTED FOR INDOOR CATS: Lean, real, fresh salmon provides a high protein, low carbohydrate easily digestible recipe with moderate calories and healthy fats to help maintain ideal weight while leaving your cat feeling satisfied.
NUTRITION FOR LIFELONG HEALTH & LONGEVITY: Balanced Omega Fatty Acids for a soft & shiny coat. Superfoods provide natural vitamins, minerals & antioxidants for immune health. Prebiotics & living probiotics support gut health & nutrient absorption.
FREE FROM FILLERS: Contains no corn, wheat or soy. No artificial colorings or preservatives. Made in the USA. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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