May 4, 2018

Vicbovo Clearance Sale Rainbow Cosy Female Pet Dog Cotton Sanitary Physiological Pants Puppy Underwear Diapers (Pink, S)

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Size:XXS Length:18-22cm/7.1″-8.7″     Bust:28-30CM/11.0″-11.8″

Size:XS   Length:22-24cm/8.7″-9.5″     Bust:30-32cm/11.8″-12.6″

Size:S     Length:24-26cm/9.5″-10.2″     Bust:32-35cm/12.6″-13.8″

Size:M     Length:26-30cm/10.2″-11.8″     Bust:35-38cm/13.8″-15.0″

Size:L     Length:30-34CM/11.8″-13.38″ Bust:38-43cm/15.0″-16.9″

Size:XL     Length:34-38cm/13.38″-15.0″     Bust:43-46cm/16.9″-18.11″

✿ Material:cotton. Washable and reusable. Package include: 1PC pet Underwear
✿ Size:XXS, Length:18-22cm/7.1″-8.7″, Bust:28-30CM/11.0″-11.8″; Size:XS, Length:22-24cm/8.7″-9.5″, Bust:30-32cm/11.8″-12.6″; Size:S, Length:24-26cm/9.5″-10.2″, Bust:32-35cm/12.6″-13.8″; Size:M, Length:26-30cm/10.2″-11.8″, Bust:35-38cm/13.8″-15.0″; Size:L, Length:30-34CM/11.8″-13.38″, Bust:38-43cm/15.0″-16.9″; Size:XL, Length:34-38cm/13.38″-15.0″, Bust:43-46cm/16.9″-18.11″
✿ Perfect for female pets experiencing excitable urination, incontinence, and being in season.
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