July 2, 2018

Zesty Paws CoQ10 Chewable Treats for Dogs – Grain Free 30 mg Coenzyme Q10 Dog Supplement – Immune Booster Antioxidants & Heart Health + Natural Cognitive & Energy Support for Canine Pets – 90 Count

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Zesty Paws CoQ10 BitesTM are grain-free chewables that contain CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10), a naturally-occurring compound utilized by every cell of the canine body to encourage a healthy well-being for man’s best friend. At 30mg per chew, the antioxidant properties in this essential nutrient may support immune function, cardiovascular health, oral health, cellular energy production, and cognition.DAILY WELLNESS FOR DOGS – Zesty Paws CoQ10 Bites are advanced limited ingredient soft chew supplements that feature Coenzyme Q 10, a naturally occurring compound utilized by every cell of the canine body to promote a healthy well-being.
IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT – At 30mg per chew, these CoQ 10 soft chews contain natural antioxidant properties that may support the body’s immune system response to keep man’s best friend feeling healthy and happy.
COGNITION & ENERGY LEVELS – Great for puppy, adult, and senior dogs, CoQ10 Bites promotes ATP energy production and metabolism, which provides the body with the fuel it needs to support the body’s vital functions.
ORAL HYGIENE CARE – Packed with essential nutrients, Zesty Paws’ grain-free CoQ10 Bites may also guard and encourage oral health by promoting gum protection to keep dental hygiene in tip-top shape for your pet.
CARDIOVASCULAR FUNCTION – The antioxidants found in these chicken flavored chewable food treats may also support overall cardiovascular function by protecting against free radical factors and oxidative stress.

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